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HIGH STANDARD Carbon Rods - Putting the seriousness back into fishing rods. 


Ya know, picking a fishing rod should not be confusing. Fishing rods should work regardless of the latest lure technique. We believe you should have a few quality fishing rods that match the species you target; not a tangled mess of rods in your boat that try and match the lures in your tackle box. Our vision for fishing rods has been embraced by many serious anglers. We keep it simple. We build fishing rods that customers can comfortably use for multiple species in lots of different fishing environments. We want your HIGH STANDARD ROD to be your favorite rod and one that you never leave home without. Our rods just put fish in the boat and you never have to worry if you chose the right model. All HIGH STANDARD models have classic time tested actions and quality components you can trust.

Why are these rods better?
No other manufacturer in the world has access to these custom carbon blanks. We designed the actions, we located the carbon material and we added the components that matched the actions. In our quest to build a serious fishing rods line up we were able to develop our own carbon fiber wrapping method. This new method creates a rod extremely sensitive yet preforms like very durable carbon arrow hunting shafts. This revolutionary new process allows HIGH STANDARD Rod Co. to create the lightest and strongest rod that you've ever had your hands on. Ounce for Ounce this ultra premium carbon material is second to none. When you combine the best materials with space age blank building techniques you get the best of the best, We Guarantee It.
Want to try a HIGH STANDARD ROD but afraid you won't like it ..... Well, we understand and have your back. Just send it back within a month of the proof of purchase and we will refund your money no questions asked.